Wapoos Sibi Brook Trout Fishing

Those interested in fishing for brook trout may be interested to learn about Wapoos Sibi. We provide 44 pristine lakes for those interested in brook trout fishing. All of our game fish inhabit waters that are drinkable and unspoiled, and our exclusive territories include over 100 kilometers2 in Northern Quebec’s immaculate boreal forests.

For instance, some of the speckled trout that have been caught from our lakes has weighed over 7 pounds. Regardless of whether you prefer bouncing a worm along the bottom, fly fishing, or spin casting, these majestic beauties will put your fishing skills to the test. As for our Quebec Red Trout, they are hard to come by in Canada. The vast majority can only be found in the Province of Quebec, and are found in abundance throughout Wapoos Sibi. While Quebec Red Trout are part of the Char family of fish, they do not enter brackish or salt seawater to feed. They are also particularly well known for their brilliant and luminous colors.

Furthermore, those looking for a challenge may be interested to learn about our lake trout. Many that have been caught have weighed over 40 pounds; while the fishing methods have included everything from deep trolling downriggers to fly fishing. Other popular methods include spoons, spinners, crank baits, and Chub minnows. In sum, both amateur and expert fishermen will find much to enjoy at Wapoos Sibi. In addition to fishing, we also provide exclusive hunting grounds where hunters can hunt beer, moose, and other wildlife. Our on-site chef is also available for those who would like to devote their time to fishing and/or hunting, and hiking, kayaking, and other recreational activities are also available upon request. To learn more about brook trout fishing, please visit our home page.